Monday, March 1, 2010

A little Linda fan


She is very cute her name is Yunn Yi and she's a fan of Linda.
Oh and Linda post this video at her Alivenotdead blog.

From Linda alivenotdead blog

Hmmm...I notice that the CD has my autograph... I wonder when I signed it... but neways, I just really hope she recovers soon!

I'm so grateful for the life GOD gave me... it just seems like just yesterday i was a normal person who sitting at home watching chinese dramas... and now i am an artist with fans who look up to me...WOW! I really hope i can coutinue to be a good role model for everyone.


She is singing Linda's songs =)

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  1. nice post:) Yunn Yi is very cute in the vids hehe. Any idea what illness Yunn Yi is hving?

    I am glad that Linda has the social responsibility to be a gd role model, besides striving to do her best in her work:) This is esp impt as many young ppl look up to the actresses/actors in the entertainment industry during their growing yrs. We hve seen examples of ppl in the entertainment industry who hve not managed their lives well, e.g. affairs etc and these can hve adverse impact on their fans.

    I am very sure Linda can be a good role model with her good values and character:)