Thursday, March 11, 2010

About Can't Buy Me Love


English Title: Can't Buy Me Love

Costume Fitting Date and Time: December 17, 2009 and at 12:30

Costume Fitting Place: Tseung Kwan 0 TVB City Ancient street in from of Shaolin Temple

Genre: Ancient

Episodes: 30

Producer: Miu Siu Ching

Main Cast:

Moses Chan: Moses character will be a funny guy and get bullying by princesses and marry Charmaine.

Linda Chung: Linda character is a village girl at first and hired by Raymond to be a maid for Charmaine and eventually become a princess.

Charmaine Sheh: Charmaine character is the 3rd princess and she marry the 4th Prince of gold manufacturing company and played by Moses.

Raymond Wong: Raymond character will be Moses and Louis brother and play a prince.

Kenneth Ma: Kenneth character is best friend of Moses and a royal designated matchmaker. And will be with Sharon.

Sharon Chan: Sharon will play one of the princess with Charmaine and bullying Moses, Raymond and Louis.

Fala Chen: Fala role is Charmaine bodyguard she is a fighter who keep Charmaine safe.

Susan Tse: she will be a kind and nice mother.

Susanna Kwan: Susanna will be th head leader of household of the kam family and Raymond will play her son.

Elaine Yiu: Elaine is a guest star and she will play Moses dream lover and he will discuss trouble with her.

Lee Heung Kam: She will play Susanna mother-in-law

There is going to be a lots of princesses
And by the way Sharon Chan sprained her neck while she filming Can't By Me Love and it because she was wearing a heavy head gear. The doctor said she have some bones that is shifted and she hurt and hardly to move her head and she need to have physiotherapy for a month.
Lily: For me that I love Sharon in The Beauty of Game and I was think about create a blog of her. This week and hope that you will support that blog just like this blog. Thank you and wish Sharon Luck.


  1. is linda a princess in can't buy me love???

  2. Will she be on the good side or the bad side when she becomes a princess?