Thursday, March 25, 2010

Linda EARN her self a lot of things


Linda Chung attended the event yesterday and said there will be one more month till Princess married complete. The drama is good and easy, the company even give me a lot of time to attended to event and earn money. And the money I earn is more and more everyday. Reporeter ask how do you reward yourself? Linda: I wanted to buy a pair of diamond earrings

Linda Chung reminders parents looking for it personal. Linda Chung, Sha Tin today to help a computer shop to do the openning of guests, Linda said that their building, a girl, the parents been reminder that she meet her boyfriend, so she hope to find a good man.

( Lily: Linda is so pretty in that outfits she look really cute and that outfit give me a smile really cute )

P.S. remember to fill out the HAPPY BIRTHDAY form for Linda before April 9 =) hurry!!!!

Post is translated by: Lily Lee

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