Thursday, March 18, 2010

72 Tenants of Prosperity DVD


Like most Lunar New Year comedies, 72 Tenants of Prosperity concerns family dymamics and over-extended romantic situations. King ( Eric Tsang ) and Kin ( Jacky Cheung ) are former best bubbies who let their friendship go to rot over Hong ( Anita Yuen ), who married Kung and born him two children play by TVB regulars Linda Chung and Bosco Wong. Kin is currently their neighbor and has two children of his own, one played by TVB regular Wong Cho lam and not a regular TVb Stephy Tang play Kin daughter, who's enamored with Japanese AV culture and just returned from Japan where she worked as an assistant director on AV films. What follows are some supprising gags acknowledging Tang's minor resemblance to pornstar Akiho Yoshizawa and set up a love story for Stephy and Bosco like romeo and juliet.

Linda Chung and Wong Cho Lam is pairing and the film note Linda Chung self-described resemblance to Wu Chun of boy band Fahrenheit. A parody of Ip Man is performed too reverently to be very funny, though seeing Linda Chung as Donnie Yen stand-i is amusing.

Lily: I only translate Linda Chung part =)

Bonus: I saw this pictures from someone send it to me name hihi and this picture is while Linda practice like Wu Chun. Thank you hihi

By the way remember to fill out the form for Linda birthday wish

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