Sunday, March 21, 2010

CBML pics and My Story =)


Lily Lee: hummmm.... I have been waiting for Can't Buy Me Love to came out scence December and I think it will not come out until middle of 2010 or longer. But now I am enjoying 72 Tenants and I think Linda did a good job i will post a news about it somewhere this week. And I think you wonder why I get pictures from Charmaine Sheh TVB Blog mostly because I think that Charmaine is in the same series so I think she will have some pictures in Can't Buy Me Love and I'm feel sad that Linda haven't post anything in her TVB Blog and last time she was in the 4th place but now not even in the 10th so please please please visit her blog and support her. And I was wondering what function Linda gonna have next????? So if you have any of Linda pictures or news just send me a message at my email or if you have a questions.

Just my news: I am in high school now and I live in Canada. And first I think that I am going to open Charmaine Sheh blog but I saw sehseh blog and I think that blog help a lots of people knows about Charmaine then I watch Heart Of Greed I saw Linda in that series and I love her role so I search for Linda fans blog can't find any then I create her blog in November Lovely Linda Chung till December I found Lovable Linda that really cool to meet Mymy she is a very nice friend then till February I meet more blog of differents artists and I think that not only me love every actress in TVB thousand of peoples does so I think is pretty cool.

And I know that you have wondering why I post the phone pictures??? hahhaha that is not my phones that my family phones my phones is the Chanel black and sparkle that have the Chanel X. And I find out that if you brought a 72 Tenants you will find a envelop inside that's pretty nice. And someone send me a message ask me have I meet Linda in real life yet? Yes twice when she come to Toronto and one time she come with Raymond and Fala. But did not have a chance to take pictures with theme.

This Lovely Pictures is from Love-LovelyLindaChungBlog
Now many people come to Lovely Linda Chung Blog and read the news and look at the pictures that I post, I wanted to say THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for visit here and I hope this blog can be 30 years old or more like I say UNTIL LINDA RETIRED.

Thank you,

Lily Lee


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