Tuesday, July 26, 2011

River of Wine 九江十二坊 Summary

source: kuangai TVB
translated by JingMui @ Nancy Sit Fan Site

梁正堯 (Bowie Lam 林保怡) to save the family through a crisis, agreed to the wine brewery owner, Master Sung to become his step son and take over the business. Not wanting his mother, Kwan Wai Lan (Nancy Sit 薛家燕) to face any rumours, he painfully cut all ties with the Leung family, cutting ties with his mother. This caused the second Leung family son, 梁正匡 (Sunny Chan 陳錦鴻) to become angered and decided to open up his own wine company to let others know he can raise the Leung family himself. 正堯 obeyed Master Sung’s orders, taking care of his cripled younger sister, 宋子澄 (Linda Chung 鍾嘉欣) but suddenly Sung Family’s long lost son is found, 宋子駿 (Pierre Ngo 敖嘉年) causing both the Leung and the Sung’s to face major turnarounds.

The themesong for River of Wine will be sung by: Tai Chi

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