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[News] Linda Chung’s Heart Toyed by Lawyer Boyfriend And Unwittingly Became Third Party

In Yes Sir, Sorry Sir [点解阿Sir系阿Sir], Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) portrayed the character, Miss Koo, whose love was betrayed by Moses Chan (陳豪). In the series, Linda’s crying scene shook the entire city. In real life, it was revealed that Linda was secretly dating former classmate in Canada, Felix Lee (李傲寰). Shockingly, Linda’s lawyer boyfriend already possessed a long-time girlfriend, Joyce, who was also a lawyer. On June 20th, the reporter informed Linda that Felix was dating two women at the same time. Linda said surprisingly, “I…didn’t know!” Unwittingly, Linda became a third party in the relationship, with her dating life replicating her onscreen role.
Felix Confessed to Girlfriend

Secretly dating and breaking up with Philip Ng (伍允龍), Linda was spotted wearing a cap and glasses on a date with Felix on May 10th. Linda and Felix intended to have dinner in the Stanley district. Discovering reporters tailgating them, the pair decided to cancel their dinner plans and went home separately.

Behind his girlfriend’s back, Felix dated Linda. He continued to lie to Linda, while confessing to his girlfriend, Joyce. Felix explained that he was out with Linda to discuss borrowing a band room. After tabloids published photos of Felix and Linda together on a date in Stanley, Joyce was quite upset.

Linda Was Unaware That Felix Was Attached

While filming Happy House, Hidden Dragon [樂府藏龍] on June 20th, Linda was informed by the reporter that Felix had a steady girlfriend. Linda’s facial expression appeared to be lost.

R= Reporter; L= Linda Chung

R= How are you developing with Felix?

L= We are friends!
R= Did your feelings advance to another level?
L= We are not dating.
R= Do you know that Felix already has a girlfriend?
L= (Paused a moment) ….I didn’t know!
R= After photos were released of you and Felix on a date, he and his girlfriend had a fight and almost split up!

L= I did not know about this.

R= Are you afraid that people will say you are a third party?

L= It is up to the media what they wish to write. Normally, I keep my personal life understated. This will not affect my work. He and I are good….” (Linda felt that the usage of the word “good” was inappropriate.) “We are simply friends.”

After being spotted on a date with Linda, Felix resumed his normal life of going to work and meeting his male friends for dinner and drinks. Last week, reporters discovered Felix leaving his Causeway Bay apartment with his mother and girlfriend, Joyce. The trio loaded luggage into Felix’s black Audi car. Joyce did not speak too much with Felix, but rather continued to laugh and talk with Felix’s mother. It was apparent that Joyce knew his mother well. The group drove to Kowloon Tong. Since Felix included Joyce in his family day, their intimate relationship was apparent. Kept in the dark, it was time for Linda Chung to wake up!

A Family of Lawyers

Linda Chung’s boyfriend, Felix Lee, obtained his legal license to practice law in 2006. His longtime girlfriend, Joyce, obtained her legal license in 2002. Both of them came from families of lawyers and thus matched very well. Felix’s mother, Jennifer Tsui (徐喜华), was a lawyer. After divorcing from Felix’s father, Jennifer remarried recently.

Currently, Felix lived by himself in Causeway Bay. He owned an Audi TT car valued at over $500,000 HKD and a Station Wagon valued at over $20,000 HKD. Felix’s mother, Jennifer Tsui, loved speculating in property in Sha Tin. Her past purchase included Sui Wo Road’s Greenwood Terrace, New Town Plaza III, and other units. In 2008, she purchased an apartment in Pictorial Garden for $$11.42 million HKD, a property which she still held onto.

Source: et.21CN.com
Translated by Jayne@jaynestar.com

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