Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TVB series 2011 ratings in state of emergency, 2012 grand productions to make up for loss

The first half of TVB's 2011 series were rather on the dull side, until the September broadcast of Lives of Omission which became the 'winner'. Even the popular Raymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh's My Sister of Eternal Flower suffered a defeat. The current Men With No Shadows only received average ratings on it's first week. Also there are many TVB FaDan and Siu Sangs heading up north to dig the gold, making it a rare chance for viewers to see talents in TVB.

Hopes are placed on 2012's grand production series, putting full force out to shoot subjected series. Next year, TVB's starts shooting one series after another. In November there is producer Lau Ka Ho's new modern series starring Linda Chung. The series is a Yes Sir Sorry Sir spinoff featuring 'Miss Koo'. There is also producer Nelson Cheung's Policewoman's Ambition currently set for the popular Laughing Sir (Michael Tse) and Anita Yuen as the lead actor and actress. Their main mission is to help promote newcomers William Chak and Oceane Zhu. Some grand productions for next year already started shooting, including Wayne Lai and Kent Cheng's The King Makers.

Nelson Cheung reveals he is currently trying to invite Anita Yuen to shoot Policewoman's Ambitions, but nothing is confirmed. If she doesn't accept, then there re-casting will be necessary. He said: "The topic this time is about a female undercover cop, some people say it's the female version of Lives of Omission. In fact, the story is still under discussion and is subject to change." He will be casting William Chak and Oceane Zhu to give newcomers promotion opportunities. He said if the series just relies on the current FaDan and Siu Sangs, there won't be enough artists and so it is time to give newcomers a chance.

Producer Lau Ka Ho's Yes Sir Sorry Sir boost 'Miss Koo' Linda and 'Home Boy Goddess' Cilla Kung's popularity. In November, the two will be starring in a new series with Bosco Wong. Lau Ka Ho expressed the new series is a 'Miss Koo' sister production with Linda as the lead. In Yes Sir, her role as Miss Koo caught viewers' attention, so this time she will have greater room for development. Looks like Linda is being promoted up to another level, and is in on the list for the TV Queen battle next year.

Next year, the attention focuses on golden producer Lee Tim Shing's Ladder of Heaven starring Moses Chan and Maggie Cheung. Tim Gor also especially supported Benjamin Yuen and Edwin Siu. In the past, Tim Gor successfully got acknowledgement for Wayne Lai and Pierre Ngo, so this time does he support Benjamin and Edwin to be promoted? He said there must be chances given to the next generation actors, but if they are able to be promoted or not, is too early to say. They still need a few more years of experience. As for Rosy Business 3? He laughed: "Lai Chi Ying isn't willing to release Cheung Wah Bui back to HK, how can we start shooting?"

[Mingpao Weekly #2233] In addition, Producer Chong Wai Kin will start a 40 episode pre-modern grand production series entitled Prominent Family starring Damien Lau, Idy Chan, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Fala Chen and Tavia Yeung. The series is set in the 1920s-30s and Damien plays a man with 5 wives. Currently, casting of the female leads have been a headache because the series films through the New Year holidays, a golden period for artists to earn money. Ron Ng admitted he is worried there won't be opportunities to make extra income: "I am extremely worried my chances to earn extra income will be affected. When a series starts, there will be losses because I understand when going out for stage performances, I can't travel too far since that takes about 4-5 days minimum and interferes with the filming process." Fala Chen is also one of the potential candidates for this series, she said: "There is always a conflict with the outside jobs and every series I take part of. The most important is good outcomes for the series. Also, grand productions includes a large cast with more side stories, so filming period shouldn't be too long. I believe we can make room in my schedule." Triumph in the Skies II has been pushed back again and again due to issues with the sponsor and airline. Now, the series has to be pushed back again to March or April 2012 because of Fala, Kenneth and Ron's schedule conflicts with Prominent Family. Producer Tommy Leung expressed: "Both series are very classy, so the schedules can be accommodated. Also TITS2 still has a lot of technical difficulties, including with the sponsor and airline. Although we have confirmed to shoot this series, the schedule still has not been confirmed."           

Thoughts: I really hope Linda will be TV Queen this year!!

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