Sunday, September 11, 2011

Linda Drop a Message at her Website!!!

Hey fans: I'm just waiting to film rite now, decided to drop a message. As u all know, I have been extremely busy filming dramas this yr. I miss going out to functions and singing on stage(those r the times where I get to see u guys most). Please bare with me as sometimes i may not be able to stop or take pics cuz i dont look my best/tired:( I hope next year 2012, I'll get to spend my work time more evenly. Hope I can produce my 4rth album, maybe have a mini concert, fans gathering, and film 2 dramas a year(that way I can have more time). Anyways, things in life r not controllable. I hope all of u r happy and doing well. God is good, and has a plan for us, so just take things with ease, and love love love:)

Take care everyone, see u soon! Hope next time I won't be sleepy eyes:)

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