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Linda SHE & CO photoshot


Linda CO & SHE shooting pictures, more will come soon...

Thoughts: Linda so pretty, can't wait to see more

Ghost Writer To Follow-Up With Sequel


Steven Ma Chun Wai, Linda Chung Ka Yan, and Fala Chen attended a party to celebrate the stellar ratings of Ghost Writer <蒲松齡>. Producer, Leung Choi Yuen, announced that a sequel will be filmed next year. The original cast of Ghost Writer will be featured in the new series. A theatrical version of Ghost Writer will also be created.

During the filming of Ghost Writer, Linda Chung had insomnia. As a result, she does not wish to play a ghost in the sequel nor theatrical version.

Source: Singtao

Steven Ma, Linda Chung, and Fala Chen's "Ghost Writer" has average rating of 36 points in its last episode, peaking 41 points; about 2,580,000 viewers were watching it. Yesterday they attended to a celebration event. Producer Leung Choi Yuen announced this series would film a sequel next year and would be edited as a stage drama. He also favors Steven in becoming TV king this year. Steven is very happy that "Ghost Writer" can film a sequel and becomes a stage drama. As for producer looks highly of him winning TV King, Steven said: "Filming a series is like waiting for scores come out. It's not up to you to decide the score. It can be disappointing to think too optimistically. There would be surprises when you're not thinking about it. I would choose not to think about it. These past several years TV King slipped away from me"

Fala disclosed next year she would develop her career in both music and television industries. She couldn't believe she would have a chance to perform stage drama, she said: "I just got to know about it. Then next year I have to divide myself into several parts, need to divide time carefully." Linda wasn't too excited about filming sequel, because this series caused her to suffer from insomnia, she said: "It's not that I don't want to film it. As long as there isn't too many ghost incidents and let me be human, because I'm really afraid I cannot sleep again."

Source: Mingpao / Translated by: KAY @

Linda Chung's Evil Forces Her To Avoid Playing A Ghost

Steven Ma, Fala Chen and Linda Chung attended Ghost Writer's (Pu Song Ling) celebration event. Producer announced that next year, the casts would come together for a second sequence and a stage drama. He also has confidence in Steven Ma winning TV King based on this drama, but Linda Chung is afraid of filming the second sequence. She's happy but worried at the same time.

The series, Ghost Writer's final episode has an average of 36 points, highest was at 41 points. The final part where human, ghost and fox struggling in their triangle love touched many people, producer Leung Choi Yuen announced at the celebration event that the series would have a second sequence and a stage drama next year, with the same casts. All the casts were very happy, opening champagne to celebrate.
Before this Chris Lai expressed that he has confidence in Steven Ma in competing for TV with Ken Cheng based on the series, "When Lanes Merge", so happen that both the series have the same producer, Leung Choi Yuen (Choi-suk). When asking Choi-suk who he has confidence in, he said, "He (Ken Cheng) was already Movie King for 2 years, don't fight with the younger ones la! I really have confidence in him ( Steven Ma), whether he can get it or not depends on how he works."
Steven who was smiling at the side said, "I would choose not to think, of course if can get it would be good, every year I have the same thinking, but it has passed me for many years."
About the second sequence, Linda Chung was afraid but happy, she said, "I'm also very happy, but can it not be about ghost again! It's really evil, I felt uneasy all the time when filming the series. (Will quit acting?) "Then of course not, but I would not wana be a ghost! I'm really afraid of insomnia! Before this, right after finish filming this series, I recovered immediately."

Source: oriental dailyTranslator: Eujean Lee @ TVB Newsworld

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Steven Ma Is Looked Upon As Having A Good Chance To Win “TV King"


Due to the high ratings that the finale for TVB series <<>> was able to achieve (average 36 points, peaking at 41 points), a celebration ceremony was held yesterday for the cast and crew. The 3 main leads of the series – Steven Ma, Fala Chen, and Linda Chung – as well as producer Leung Choi Yuen were among those in attendance.

At the event, Producer Leung took the opportunity to announce that in addition to
plans for a sequel to be filmed next year, the series will also be turned into a live stage play, which will also happen next year. Producer Leung also said that he believes Steven Ma has a good chance of becoming “TV King” at this year’s awards ceremony based on his performance in <>.

Upon hearing about the plans for a sequel as well as a stage version to the series, Steven expressed that he is very happy with the opportunity. As for Producer Leung supporting him for this year’s “TV King” award, Steven replied: “Shooting a series is like waiting for the results of final exams – the results are not up to the person to say. If I think about it too much and get my hopes up, there is more chance for disappointment, but if I don’t think about it, there is more chance for a surprise. Therefore, I choose not to think about it…also, for the past couple years, the award has been within reach for me and it’s been very close.”

Fala revealed that next year, she will have the opportunity to venture into the music industry in addition to continuing with filming series, however she did not think that she would also get the opportunity to work in theatre as well: “I just found out about the plans for a stage version right now. This means that next year, I will be ‘wearing several hats’ – I will definitely need to make sure I manage my time well.”

As for Linda, she did not seem too excited about filming a sequel to <>, perhaps because she had insomnia when filming the original series: “It’s not that I don’t want to do a sequel – as long as my character gets to be truly ‘human’ and is not involved with a lot of ghost and spirit related things, then that’s fine, because I really don’t want to get insomnia again.”

[Upcoming] "Can't Buy Me Love" To Be Aired In September

Charmaine Sheh, Linda Chung, Fala Chen, Moses Chan, Raymond Wong, Kenneth Ma......

To be aired: September 2010

# of episodes:
- 30 episodes long

Credit :

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

[Ghost Writer] Finale Garners High Ratings


The 2 hour finale of TVB series <>, which aired this past Friday, garnered average ratings of 36 points (2.3 million viewers), peaking at 41 points (2.61 million viewers). The average ratings for the entire week (finale week) was 33 points, which is an increase of 3 points from previous weeks.

<> male lead Steven Ma is often viewed as TVB’s ‘General Fortune’ – even with his series being pitted against the World Cup, it was still able to garner high ratings. In reply to this, Steven laughed and indicated that he has a special ‘fated relationship’ with the World Cup – back in 2002, his series <> was also pitted against the World Cup that year and was still able to garner good ratings.

Asked if he would be celebrating with his girlfriend, Steven replied: “When I get good results at work, my family and friends are always happy for me. I will be treating the cast and crew to dinner though.” (Does this give you more confidence in the race for TV King at the awards ceremony?) “Every year, I hope that I am able to get recognition and possibly an award, but a lot of things are not up to me to decide.” Someone mentioned that perhaps Steven should consult with ‘Octopus Oracle Paul’ to see what his chances are for the award, to which Steven replied that it would only put added pressure, so he would rather not know the results ahead of time.

With a successful career now, Steven was asked when he will get married and start a family: “Getting married is a part of life. I will definitely get married, but the date has not been determined yet.”

Producer Leung Choi Yuen also publicly thanked the viewers and expressed that the series being able to achieve a 41 point rating given the challenge of going up against the World Cup was no easy feat – he feels that he has fulfilled his obligation.

As for the ratings for TVB’s other series that aired last week:

- The ratings for the sitcom <> increased by 2 points, averaging 25 points overall

- The ratings for <> also increased by 2 points, averaging 31 points overall

On a different note, the re-broadcast of TVB’s series from 1998 <> in the midnight timeslot was able to garner an average 5 point rating for its 3 hour finale on Saturday.

Source: Mingpao

Monday, July 12, 2010

Linda join the celebrate for Spain winning World Cup


Some of the TVB star is partying for Spain to win the world cup and some of the artist like Linda Chung, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong and more was a big fan of Spain and join the celebration. Everyone get to sing a song infront of everyone and Ron and Bosco is in the front dancing and challenging each other. They also mention about the octopus that guess all eight rounds and the octopus guess all right, they all laugh and having fun, playing with the mini soccers ball holding on their hand. Linda say she is a big fan of Spain and happy when Spain won.
Lily: I think the octopus is awesome, they guess all the round right. And I'm a huge fan of Spain and so glad they won =)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Linda Update her Weibo


"pu chong ling" is over la...i enjoyed it very did you guys like it? very tragic eh? well anyways, thanx to all the super weibo fans here:) keep healthy, stay smiling:) love, kayan

Linda update her weibo visit and crank her blog hits.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Linda is no hurry to get marry


Since Linda becoming a singer a lot of fans like from 10 to 20, fans has a opportunity to talk to Linda or photographs for fun in the sun, the students wait outside for almost the whole day for their chance.
Linda is surronded by lots of fans and she is happy and a reporter say All the students is listen to her music and never care about their families, so Linda remind them not always care for family and and work hard in school and chase your dreams.
Students ask In Ghost Writer who will she choose Steven or Sunny, Linda say it doesn't matter I do what the scripts say.

They also ask about Raymond and they ask in the past years Linda had work with Raymond is there any relationships? but always is just rumor and Linda admit she has a awesome time filming with Raymond but we're not dating or in a relationship.

How do you falling love? Linda said is the connections between the guy and the girl or you have feeling for that person...

When do you think you going to marry? I'm 26 and in no hurry to get marry

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ZENSE Commercial pics


ZENSE Commercial pictures ( Linda looks cute )

Magazine 662


Whenever I have time, I will translated it and woow Despicable Me is out in HK already? fast =)

Linda Yes!! Magazine


Linda Chung newest Yes!! Magazine is not out yet but soon will, I will update soon.

Yes!! Card

Linda Yes!! Card

Ghost Writer – Strong Stamina; Leung Choi Yuen Firmly Believe Pleading For The People, Win People's Hearts


Ghost Writer’s stamina is strong; its Tuesday’s average rating was 33 points, peaked at 35 points. Pitted against World Cup but still garnering such result, Producer Leung Choi Yuen can now relax. His creative work is never separated from reality, (bribery and corruption exist in every era) and is also closely related to everyday life, therefore supported and liked by viewers.

Most TV producers are afraid to produce dramas on historical figures, but here is Leung Choi Yuen, though knowing full well ‘there is tiger in the mountain, he still ventures into it’. (as in 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread') As a class graduate of 10 years or more and with a fire still burning in him, he has dared to tackle one of TV producers’ most difficult challenges; truly my hat’s off to him. “Script writing a historical figure is indeed very difficult, need to take into account the facts, and also worry that the story might provoke censure from descendants. But what had inspired him with the idea? “I’ve worked in TVB for many years. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to work with 劉仕裕 et al in the production of “Liu Zhai” (Ghost Stories), so I already have feelings for Po Chung Ling, this character.”

“History is a cause and effect. I have always felt that “Ghost Stories” is not merely a collection of ghosts and demons stories. Po Chung Ling was a late Ming early Qing person, born in troubled times; and wicked and corrupt officials were especially abundant during troubled times. Because reality prohibited denouncement of evil doings, Po used foxes and ghosts to satire the evils of his time. It (Ghost Stories) not only depicts human nature’s ugliness, it also, through the manifestation of ghosts and spirits, gives oppressed people the hope of salvation, and the gratification of seeing semi-gods giving evil and greedy people their comeuppance.”

Choi Shu (Leung Choi Yuen) loves art and literature. A few years ago, while vacationing in Shandong, he encountered the intricate art work of calendars that were manufactured there. Shandong sceneries were featured. “Po Chung Ling was a Shandong resident. The surrounding and atmosphere sparked my creative juices. When looking for male lead, Steven Ma, when attired in Qing costumes has the demeanor and qualities of a learned man; a real life Po Chung Ling standing right before your eyes; no need to look further than him to play this role.” 

Choi Suk feels that since this series is about Po Chung Ling, first and foremost, it must respect him: “I want to praise Po Chung Ling, praise him for using his writing as an appeal for the common people’s pains and sufferings. Respect him for his generosity to serve the people. In his frail body, he lifted his brush to take on the corrupt officials who harmed the country; a supreme force, honest and righteous, indomitable and immortal spirit of thousand years.”

Though the story in the TV series is deliberately packaged, but using drama to pay tribute to a great Qing Dynasty literate has always been Choi Suk’s predominating creative direction. Though TVB has this series pitted against World Cup, it still garners high ratings, clearly ridding evil and greedy demons is still popular among the common people; Choi Suk has now found his creative approach.

Source: http://paper.wenweip...N1007080013.htm
Writer: 偉儀
Translator: Tamaya @

Steven Ma Prays For Blessing For Ghost Writer's Ratings


Steven Ma's is broadcasting its finale this Saturday. Yesterday at an event, he reveals that he saw that there are many responses from Netizens, wondering if he's going to choose the 'wo lei jing' Fala Chen? or Linda Chung? He expressed that it will be a beautiful ending. It was said that the part where Fala turns back into a fox, Steven will end up with both of them, he laughed: "Don't have to talk about the ending that fast." averaged 32 points, Steven said that if the finale surpasses 32 points, then he will treat everyone to a meal. Both he and Kent Cheng invited the producer to Wun Chuen Sin Koon for a vegetarian meal and to pray for blessing.

Source: Mingpao

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Hey guys is summer and I will start my vacation I will be visiting Singapore. I will be back in the 10th of July. So I won't be posting any news of Linda but when I got back I will be posting a bunch of news for you guys to read and don't worry I will update everything. I hope everyone have a beautiful summer infront of you and have fun wherever you're going =).


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Buy Yes Magazine card =)


Buy one of the Yes card and support Yes Magazine

Filming Yes Sir! No Sir! rumor


Linda and Moses is filming Yes Sir! No Sir! and there are many rumor about both of them and when people interview Linda they ask is she and Steven dating? But her answer is always "no". There scene is taking hours to finsh and Linda work very hard. And there are news of Steven hates Linda.... ( But I think is not true )
More rumor of theme just because they come to the place in the same car, and so many report is asking lots of questions after filming, but lucky there are always security.
MY Thoughts: I think reporters just making up stuff, so rude and weird... I don't believe theme.

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Linda ZENSE Commercial clip


Linda look so pretty =) I hope you guys like it =).

Can't Buy Me Love news


Short video of Linda filming Can't Buy Me Love


Linda have a really big role in this series and Can't Buy Me Love will be released before TVB Anniversary. And the whole paper is much talking about Charmaine Sheh and Moses Chan so there is not much about Linda.

Ghost Writer view

I started watching The Legend of Pu Song Ling and I like it and at first I didn't really understand the story line but in the middle I started to get it. Linda character is a strong girl who will not give up to find her lost sister. And Fala character is soft and nice girl who is a Fox ghost (Foxy). I like all the characters but I like Linda she soft in every movie and always has a way to finish it good. Hope you guys enjoy Ghost Writer.