Saturday, July 10, 2010

Linda is no hurry to get marry


Since Linda becoming a singer a lot of fans like from 10 to 20, fans has a opportunity to talk to Linda or photographs for fun in the sun, the students wait outside for almost the whole day for their chance.
Linda is surronded by lots of fans and she is happy and a reporter say All the students is listen to her music and never care about their families, so Linda remind them not always care for family and and work hard in school and chase your dreams.
Students ask In Ghost Writer who will she choose Steven or Sunny, Linda say it doesn't matter I do what the scripts say.

They also ask about Raymond and they ask in the past years Linda had work with Raymond is there any relationships? but always is just rumor and Linda admit she has a awesome time filming with Raymond but we're not dating or in a relationship.

How do you falling love? Linda said is the connections between the guy and the girl or you have feeling for that person...

When do you think you going to marry? I'm 26 and in no hurry to get marry

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