Friday, July 9, 2010

Ghost Writer – Strong Stamina; Leung Choi Yuen Firmly Believe Pleading For The People, Win People's Hearts


Ghost Writer’s stamina is strong; its Tuesday’s average rating was 33 points, peaked at 35 points. Pitted against World Cup but still garnering such result, Producer Leung Choi Yuen can now relax. His creative work is never separated from reality, (bribery and corruption exist in every era) and is also closely related to everyday life, therefore supported and liked by viewers.

Most TV producers are afraid to produce dramas on historical figures, but here is Leung Choi Yuen, though knowing full well ‘there is tiger in the mountain, he still ventures into it’. (as in 'fools rush in where angels fear to tread') As a class graduate of 10 years or more and with a fire still burning in him, he has dared to tackle one of TV producers’ most difficult challenges; truly my hat’s off to him. “Script writing a historical figure is indeed very difficult, need to take into account the facts, and also worry that the story might provoke censure from descendants. But what had inspired him with the idea? “I’ve worked in TVB for many years. In the past, I’ve had the opportunity to work with 劉仕裕 et al in the production of “Liu Zhai” (Ghost Stories), so I already have feelings for Po Chung Ling, this character.”

“History is a cause and effect. I have always felt that “Ghost Stories” is not merely a collection of ghosts and demons stories. Po Chung Ling was a late Ming early Qing person, born in troubled times; and wicked and corrupt officials were especially abundant during troubled times. Because reality prohibited denouncement of evil doings, Po used foxes and ghosts to satire the evils of his time. It (Ghost Stories) not only depicts human nature’s ugliness, it also, through the manifestation of ghosts and spirits, gives oppressed people the hope of salvation, and the gratification of seeing semi-gods giving evil and greedy people their comeuppance.”

Choi Shu (Leung Choi Yuen) loves art and literature. A few years ago, while vacationing in Shandong, he encountered the intricate art work of calendars that were manufactured there. Shandong sceneries were featured. “Po Chung Ling was a Shandong resident. The surrounding and atmosphere sparked my creative juices. When looking for male lead, Steven Ma, when attired in Qing costumes has the demeanor and qualities of a learned man; a real life Po Chung Ling standing right before your eyes; no need to look further than him to play this role.” 

Choi Suk feels that since this series is about Po Chung Ling, first and foremost, it must respect him: “I want to praise Po Chung Ling, praise him for using his writing as an appeal for the common people’s pains and sufferings. Respect him for his generosity to serve the people. In his frail body, he lifted his brush to take on the corrupt officials who harmed the country; a supreme force, honest and righteous, indomitable and immortal spirit of thousand years.”

Though the story in the TV series is deliberately packaged, but using drama to pay tribute to a great Qing Dynasty literate has always been Choi Suk’s predominating creative direction. Though TVB has this series pitted against World Cup, it still garners high ratings, clearly ridding evil and greedy demons is still popular among the common people; Choi Suk has now found his creative approach.

Source: http://paper.wenweip...N1007080013.htm
Writer: 偉儀
Translator: Tamaya @

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