Saturday, January 30, 2010

Yes! Magazine


Script translate to english: Lily Lee

To determine a nicely together to sing I feel blue, Yao Di generous return chorus singers to sound the same folder Do a Tune folder, to assess absorpion of a theater to attract Well, it depends on draw sparks actor will not start tart. Linda Chung to join the first six years, having collaborated with Wu Shao generous people, but scandal Come Chuan Chuan Lin Feng to only have one line Jokes Raymond Lam and Linda Chung has been made into drainage drying meters off the road No one, both the Department of singing with Paiju, the co-operation should be generous with Wu Tong, Chung, then it with a new partner co-operation well quickly, straight head as if her sister Mannings If vegetarian, there is a little stripped favored by the Drainage Ah.

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