Saturday, January 2, 2010

Good dog a more theme song - An old friend of Dogs

Song / Part: Mr David Ip, in the Words: Zhang Mei-yin Supervisor: Deng Zhiwei

Singer: Linda Chung, Steven Ma

All: Price will put a seated pose

I feel that would be consistent with

Right left forward backward

You always stand by me

Clinging to those living under the finger hook

As long as I love that whenever

Is there something happens to live to talk abitions laughing matter

Clock: Count me in for less than thin Yourself warm and also take enough

Is there a whole Yong Zi Pass Office, to go with you

MA: Variations world Yesterday village comrade in arms

Simple Worldly - Han - a

Clock: Like Yong words in mind To pay all

MA: This is an old friend of dogs MI too early to shake

Clock: No hope Stunts Win compensation

MA: As long as you, the Good Friends

All: To accompany live next to me Enough

Clock: Speed is not fast enough Yourself is also good enough to ride

I can see the Beauty and ugliness every heart stars

MA: Old friends stop fighting Crackdown scourge

Let me Body - Zheng - rescue

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