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[TVB Weekly Issue 686] Can't Buy Me Love - Love over gold


Sinopsis Of Can't Buy Me Love Rate Topic:

TVB will be airing Can’t Buy Me Love <公主嫁到> on Monday, August 23rd. The series stars Charmaine Sheh Si Man, Moses Chan Ho, Linda Chung Ka Yan, Fala Chen, Kenneth Ma Kwok Ming, Susanna Kwan Kuk Ying, and Raymond Wong Ho Yin.

In an attempt to avoid marrying into the Tibetan royal family, unruly princess Charmaine is in a hurry to find a prince consort. Gold shop owner, Susanna Kwan, puts her second son, Moses Chan, and third son, Raymond Wong, before Charmaine for consideration. By marrying into the imperial family, Susanna hopes to solve the financial difficulties facing the gold shop.

Moses and Raymond share a strong bond and in order to save the family business, Moses agrees to the marriage with Charmaine. Moses’ family is shocked by Charmaine’s arrogant and imperious princess attitude, who requests the family to bow before her in a formal court manner. Even Moses’ grandmother, Lee Heung Keung, bows to Charmaine’s demands. One of Charmaine’s most trusted maids, Fala Chen, also possesses an arrogant air and refuses to pay respect to the magistrate match matcher, Kenneth Ma.
Moses’ family refuses to be domineered and unites together. Unfortunately, Moses’ family maid, Linda Chung, takes side with Charmaine. Despite multiple arguments and reunifications, the princess and prince consort maintain irreconcilable differences and eventually bring their dispute before the emperor for settlement. In marrying the unruly princess, can Moses’ fortitude turn into gold?


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Linda Chung radiant in Kuala Lumpur


Linda Chung, Hong Kong TVB Star, looked radiant in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday in a purple asymmetrical dress that was cinched at the waist with black belt. She was invited by She & Co, a brand new eyewear, to be their brand ambassador, promoting its products with various forms of advertising and promotions.

The actress had travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Malaysia to attend the Press Conference. Linda Chung quoted in the Press Conference, “I was very flattered when She & Co approached me to do this. I won’t say what makes She & Co choose me, but I do wear glasses if I am not working. I like She & Co – they are contemporary and very fashionable. And they have a great feeling of being so wonderfully light to wear, which just suits a lady’s needs. The glasses fit me perfectly on various occasions.”

She & Co glasses place high demand on their R&D team to design glasses which compliment Asian women faces to preserve their identity and individuality. The brand features 3 rare series Elegance, Cool and Fresh - which enhance the Asian look, bringing out the beauty of the women. She & Co is looking forward to Fiscal 2010 with great anticipation as the brand can quickly becoming one of the leading sources of ladies eyewear.
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TVB To Film Hk Version Of Mainland Series 'dwelling Narrowness'

Although "Beauty Knows No Pain" and "Mysteries of Love" are accused of plagiarism, but TVB doesn't mind and would continue this trend, copying Mainland's hit series "Dwelling Narrowness." This HK version would start filming in October and titled <<抉宅男女>>. Linda Chung, Joyce Tang, Ron Ng, and Michael Tse would be in various relationships. Michael Miu would pair with Sonija Kwok. Linda's character is just like "Hai Zao" in "DN," who would not hesitate to commit indecent deals in order to climb up to the ladder.

As for this new series is obviously copying "DN," producer Cheung Kong Man didn't feel there is a problem: "You need to share good things with others and promote it. New series would talk about housing problems. It's the same in Shanghai and Hong Kong, housing is a problem residents are facing. It's also a way for viewers to vent their emotions."

Currently busy filming "Yes Sir, No Sir," Linda said she already received DVDs of "DN" and plans to watch it right away after work: "Producer already told me to pay close attention to 'Hai Zao.' (Copying obviously?) I'm an actor. My responsibility is to portray characters well."

Although Sonija hasn't received notice of filming this series, but she said she would feel proud of working with Michael Miu: "I worked with him once in 'Au Revoir Shanghai,' but I died when I appeared. (TVB copying?) Everyone is doing it. American's 'Infernal Affairs' copied Hong Kong's."

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More pictures of the Wii event.
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