Saturday, August 21, 2010

Linda Chung radiant in Kuala Lumpur


Linda Chung, Hong Kong TVB Star, looked radiant in Kuala Lumpur on Thursday in a purple asymmetrical dress that was cinched at the waist with black belt. She was invited by She & Co, a brand new eyewear, to be their brand ambassador, promoting its products with various forms of advertising and promotions.

The actress had travelled all the way from Hong Kong to Malaysia to attend the Press Conference. Linda Chung quoted in the Press Conference, “I was very flattered when She & Co approached me to do this. I won’t say what makes She & Co choose me, but I do wear glasses if I am not working. I like She & Co – they are contemporary and very fashionable. And they have a great feeling of being so wonderfully light to wear, which just suits a lady’s needs. The glasses fit me perfectly on various occasions.”

She & Co glasses place high demand on their R&D team to design glasses which compliment Asian women faces to preserve their identity and individuality. The brand features 3 rare series Elegance, Cool and Fresh - which enhance the Asian look, bringing out the beauty of the women. She & Co is looking forward to Fiscal 2010 with great anticipation as the brand can quickly becoming one of the leading sources of ladies eyewear.
Lily: First thanks eye-glamour for the pictures and in my oppinion I love the first picture.

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