Monday, September 6, 2010

More About "Yes Sir, No Sir"


Linda Chung: In the new drama, "Yes Sir, No Sir". I am to act as a bowling teacher, kind, and especially to act as and 'professional' bowling teacher & coach in advance to learn bowling position which is quite hard. I like bowling, it's fun! But my posture is not correct. This is because acting as the bowling coach, got the opportunity in the company arranged with the series and the actors acting as the students to learn bowling together to participate in the steps of bowling, the correct posture of the classroom, its quite fun, very satisfying!

Linda Chung: In this series, I play sports and work out with the liberal teachers which include Tavia Yeung. Tavia Yeung is an old friend of mine, but in the series we both love Moses Chan. On the other hand, Ron Ng & Tavia Yeung had again admire the views, the four corners of the formation of a complex relationship.

Linda Chung: A group of students then attend in the Bowling Competition, of course, to the scene as a coach I need to give them courage to the students to increase their emotions.

Linda Chung: Moses had a favourable impression in this series.

Linda Chung: In this series, my family background relationship is quite complicated, same goes with a few friends, so I had to indulge in the bowling world.


  1. i love her hair in the second pic!

  2. Just finished watching this series and man I felt horrible for Linda's character. So I guess she did a great job as it made me feel this way. It's so sad that it made me fall in love w/ Miss Koo,knowing how could Moss's character do that and not be moved and end up falling for her, after all their experiences.