Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Linda have a Lovely hand race HKD 12,000 for kids in Haiti

TRANSLATE: From Vietnamese to English by Me Lily Lee
POST FROM: lindafansvn.hnsv.com/

On the day Linda at a Horse Race Sha Tin but the weather is rain.The famous people didn't come. Linda get to sing 2 songs in English and 1 song in Chinese.

The next thing is Linda race money for People in Hait that has the earthquake. At the end Linda race HKD8,000 then the end she race to HKD12,000.
( About Haiti if you can help please donate 5, 10, 50 dolars anything that you can, because those people need help and if people come together and help Haiti they can have a better life. Thousand of people dying but is ok! There are still kids who lost there mother dad or sister, you can help. Haiti story is a heart breaking please come to these link and help. )

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