Friday, October 21, 2011

Linda Chung and Edwin Siu Kiss Underneath a Table

Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣), Steven Ma (馬浚偉), and Edwin Siu (蕭正楠)filmed for TVB series, Lucky Father "當旺爸爸" yesterday. The scene spoke of Linda and Edwin inadvertently sharing a romantic kiss underneath a table. Steven Ma revealed that he was still discussing his early contract termination request with TVB, hoping to settle the issue before heading to mainland China.

Steven Ma, Linda Chung, and Edwin Siu filmed at a restaurant in the Tsim Sha Tsui district yesterday. In Lucky Father, the trio was embroiled in a love triangle. In the scene filmed, Linda realized that Steven’s character possessed a cough and offered a piece of candy to him. However, Linda accidentally dropped the candy and when Edwin tried to pick up the candy, he “accidentally” kissed her on the mouth instead!

Asked whether he had refreshed his mouth prior to the kissing scene, Edwin laughed, “No, there’s no need to do so.” (Did it feel good to kiss Linda?) “Why don’t you ask her?” Linda replied, “We only brushed lips lightly. This is a light-hearted comedy, so there will not be any overly passionate scenes.”

Encouraged Raymond Lam to Become More Mature After Heartbreak

The reporter asked Linda whether she had tried to comfort rumored ex-love, Raymond Lam (林峯),after he admitted in suffering hurt feelings [since bed photos with Mavis Pan 潘霜霜 surfaced]. Linda said, “I hope he recovers soon. It is good for a young man to have more experience.” (To make Raymond more mature?) “Yes, that applies too.” (Did Linda offer Raymond her sympathy?) “If we were to see each other and he mentions the issue, then I will offer my sympathy.”

Steven Ma Blunt on Departure

Steven Ma revealed that he will be heading to mainland China for filming later and thus, will not be attending the TVB Anniversary celebrations. Asked about the progress in discussing his early contract termination with TVB, Steven noted, “TVB put in a lot of efforts to discuss the matter with me. The process has been enjoyable. I hope that the path for the future will be settled prior to my mainland trip. Once a decision has been reached, I will announce it to everyone.” (Did City Telecom’s Chairman, Ricky Wong 王維基, seek you out?) “I did meet with him and consider it as a chance to meet a new friend.”

During an outtake scene between Edwin Siu and Linda Chung, a production crew member wanted to induce a relaxed atmosphere and joked, “Relax, someone please hurry with the ‘parting glances’ (離別秋波)!” Upon which, Steven Ma immediately corrected, “It’s not parting, but impending departure (臨別秋波) instead!” Steven’s words were full of overtones!

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: Jayne @ JayneStars

Monday, October 17, 2011

Linda Chung hopes to concentrate on singing next year

Yesterday Steven was shooting on the street for Prosperous Father with Linda Chung. Steven clarified he is not terminating his contact because he wants an award and further clarified his position that he doesn't want to be TVB King: "This morning, I discussed my contract termination with TVB. (What do you want TVB to give you?) Whatever it is, I definitely don't want an award, I don't want any awards. (If TVB shows their sincerity and gives the 'TV King' award to you?) No that's ok!" Although both sides are on a deadlock, Steven expressed he hopes TVB can give him new direction before October 28th. He laughed: "This year I don't want TV King, but that does not mean I have no chance to get it!"

Yesterday shooting on location, Steven plays a taxi driver who was held hostage by a criminal and policewoman Linda comes to his rescue. At the time, school was out, so there were many student onlookers and residents surrounding them for autographs. Linda expressed she is very happy that TVB and Big 4 settled the royalty dispute. She hopes to concentrate on singing next year: "Of course this is good news, more singers can come back on TVB and we will have more opportunity to collaborate with them. I can learn more from them too. (Who do you want to collaborate with?) Hins Cheung, Eason Chan!"           

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Linda Chung Sacrifices Her Looks, Turns Into A Mongkok Homeless

Last year, the stylish homeless Ningbo wanderer nicknamed 'Sai Lei Gor' (犀利哥) became a hot topic for a short period. Recently, there was suddenly a 'Sai Lei Jeh' (犀利姐) that appeared in Mong Kok, who attracted a large group of onlookers. Little did we know, this Sai Lei Jeh's true identity was in fact Linda Chung. She had layers upon layers of dirty and sloppy clothing on, was covered with plastic water bottles and had very messy hair. It turns out Linda was just shooting for TVB new series Prosperous Father. Netizens compared her with 'Sai Lei Gor' and praised they were a perfect couple.

In Prosperous Father, Linda plays a tough policewoman and has had several crazy and comical scenes, that made the shooting process really fun for her. Her costumes also changes all the time. Just when Netizens thought she wouldn't sacrifice her 'looks', Linda turned herself into a Sai Lei Jeh. The other day, she was shooting with Steven Ma in Mong Kok, where many onlookers and fans didn't recognize her at first. What a big surprise!

Linda's 'Sai Lei Jeh' costume was comparable to 'Sai Lei Gor', very hot! Her fluffy hairstyle accompanied by a red hat, cheeks covered in dirt, black teeth, layers upon layers of rugged clothing, and 3 plastic water bottles hanging, made her look extremely ugly. The scene required her to kneel on the ground and write "gossips are fearful". She appeared respectful and won praises from fans. The photo was also uploaded to Weibo.

A fan compared her photo with 'Sai Lei Gor', Linda saw it and made a funny response: "The perfect couple, haha!" Thousands of fans gave her a warm response, teasing that she's filthier than Sai Lei Gor, but very interesting and cute. The two are a perfect match. There were also fans that couldn't accept their Goddess turning into such mess and greatly sighed this was a huge sacrifice.

Source: Mingpao
Translated by: aZnangel @